Results: Flourtown at Crestmont

Crestmont remains undefeated in the Liberty League following Wednesday night's meet.

After another night of tension in the long-standing rivalry between the undefeated swim clubs Crestmont and Flourtown Country Club, Crestmont prevailed as this year’s Liberty League champ by a score of 237-193.

Triple winners for Crestmont were Anthony Sleptsov and Anya Peshenko. Also contributing as double winners were Alex Sleptsov, Stephen Malen, Kyle McElwee, Gabrielle Williams and Shayne Cerebe.  Double winners for Flourtown included Matt Leibfreid, John Hacking, Emily Cooney, Katie Quigg and Brigid Clark.

While Crestmont has secured its team championship with the best record in the Liberty Swim League, there is still much for the swimmers to look forward to.  On the morning of July 30 at Conklin Pool, swimmers will compete in the League championships for top individual honors.


8 and Under

Backstroke—Matt Leibfreid (24.81) FCC

Breaststroke—Alex Sleptsov (25.22) CR

Butterfly—Alex Sleptsov (20.00) CR

Freestyle—Matt Leibfreid (17.83) FCC

Freestyle Relay—FCC Quinn Coyle, Gabe Franczyk, Ben Cooney, Matt Leibfreid (1:17.83)


10 and Under

Backstroke—Eric Williams (18.19) CR

Breaststroke—Roman Smigiel (20.28) FCC

Butterfly—Stephen Malen (16.09) CR

Freestyle—Stephen Malen (14.75) CR

Freestyle Relay—CR Eric Williams, Nathan Suit, Jordan Keys, Stephen Malen (1:03.66)


12 and Under

Backstroke—Anthony Sleptsov (37.34) CR

Breaststroke—Anthony Sleptsov (37.00) CR

Butterfly—Anthony Sleptsov (31.60) CR

Freestyle—Kevin Alekna (29.65) CR

Freestyle Relay—CR Kevin Alekna, Jacob Katro, William McCormick, Anthony Sleptsov (2:01.44)


14 and Under

Backstroke—Kyle McElwee (28.00) CR

Breaststroke—Artem Peshenko (33.53) CR

Butterfly—Sean McCreavy (27.71) FCC

Freestyle—Kyle McElwee (23.81) CR

Freestyle Relay—CR  Christopher Hayburn, Artem Peshenko, Thomas Whitman, Kyle McElwee (1:40.41)



Backstroke—Craig Hinkle (29.00) CR

Breaststroke—Tim Resch (31.75) FCC

Butterfly—John Hacking (26.46) FCC

Freestyle—John Hacking (53.41) FCC

Freestyle Relay—CR  Sven Alagic, David Barrett, Paul Sleptsov, Dakota Korn (1:40.47



8 and Under

Backstroke—Anya Peshenko (20.50) CR

Breaststroke—Anya Peshenko (22.07) CR

Butterfly—Susanna Roode (18.60) CR

Freestyle—Anya Peshenko (16.78) CR

Freestyle Relay—FCC Emily Smith, Elise Smigiel, Lauren Corrado, Hannah Potocki (1:15.22)


10 and Under

Backstroke—Olivia Malen (17.88) CR

Breaststroke—Julie Kelly (19.61) FCC

Butterfly—Emily Cooney (15.58) FCC

Freestyle—Emily Cooney (14.15) FCC

Freestyle Relay—FCC Julie Kelly, Sarah Potocki, Molly Visco, Emily Cooney (1:02.56)


12 and Under

Backstroke—Gabrielle Williams (34.97) CR

Breaststroke—Samantha Bauer (37.50) FCC

Butterfly—Gabrielle Williams (32.47) CR

Freestyle—Shayne Cerebe (26.10) CR

Freestyle Relay—CR  Gabrielle Williams, Gabriella Kovacs, Alison Erwin, Shayne Cerebe (1:56.46)


14 and Under

Backstroke—Jen Hammons (34.03) FCC

Breaststroke—Katie Quigg (35.00) FCC

Butterfly—Katie Quigg (29.58) FCC

Freestyle—Maddie Nitroy (27.93) CR

Freestyle Relay—CR  Maddie Nitroy, Yolanda Gratkowski, Katelyn Wojnar, Alexandria McKenna (1:54.03)



Backstroke—Brigid Clark (30.51) FCC

Breaststroke—Chelsea Wysong (34.02) FCC

Butterfly—Shayne Cerebe (29.04) CR

Freestyle—Brigid Clark (58.31) FCC

Freestyle Relay—FCC Brigid Clark, Jill Carney, Alexia Tomlinson, Chelsea Wysong (1:49.43)

Liz Barnhart July 22, 2011 at 12:35 PM
Thanks for the great story on the swim team.
Mischa Arnosky July 22, 2011 at 02:42 PM
Thanks for the comment. Check back soon for some video highlights of the event.


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