Kelly Green Might Take Some Time

Even if the Eagles' owner agreed to the petitioned new unis, it likely could not happen until the 2015 season.

Earlier in the week, Patch reported on a petition that was gaining some speed in the Greater Philadelphia area. Fans of the Eagles wanted back their kelly green.

According to philly.com, in a change.org plea, a Twitter personality known as "Cranekicker" asked Eagles' owner Jeffery Lurie to bring back the kelly green articles. The online petition has gained 10,067 signatures as of 4 p.m. on Saturday.

However, an article in Philly Mag says even if Lurie were to accept the change, it could not likely take place until 2015.

"Changing uniforms in the NFL has become a lengthy and exhaustive process," said PhillyMag.com. "According to the league offices, it essentially takes two years to make the switch once the request from the team is submitted. So if the Eagles today declared they wanted their primary uniforms to be Kelly Green, it wouldn’t actually come to pass until the 2015 season under the current policy."

While the NFL occassionally permits for the off-handed throw-back uniforms for a single game at a time, such as the 1960s' NFL Championship team jerseys the Eagles donned while playing Greenbay Packers in 2010, permanently changing the official look for The Birds requires a lot of red tape.

Philly Mag said one such hurdle would be allowing Nike to take a look at the design, as they took over for Reebok last year in providing the NFL uniforms. It’s likely the athletic apparel company would want its own say in the matter.

Perhaps Lurie will be more open to discussion now that he has divorced his wife, who was reportedly the inspiration behind the initial changes away from kelly green.

An August 2011 report on NFL.com said that Lurie retained his ownership of the team, for the large part, but that “Lurie's ex-wife Christina owns only a small, non-voting share of the team, similar to those owned by Lurie partners Mike Michelson and Richard Green.”

Christina Lurie was allegedly an integral part of creating the new logo and look in 2010. An article in InsuranceNewsNet.com said she helped create the design.

“[Christina] Lurie also was instrumental in changing the Eagles' colors from the traditional kelly green and recreating the logo. She helped with some aspects of the design of Lincoln Financial Field and the NovaCare Complex,” said the 2010 article.

Lurie has not yet released a statement on the petition. He has, in the past, stated he’d not like to go back to a retro uniform.

Perhaps, the Eagles' new coach Chip Kelly, who is famous for repeatedly changing the Oregon Ducks’ jerseys, will be more open-minded.

What do you think? Ready to sign the petition to bring back kelly green? Click here. Share your thoughts on the idea in the comments below.

Mike Shortall Sr February 03, 2013 at 04:44 AM
Let's stop livin' in the past.
Brett Wells February 03, 2013 at 12:25 PM
Why? Other than a few remarkable players and noteworthy seasons, the Kelly green era was awful. Let's petition the team to rebuild the Vet and expand the 700 level, while we're at it.
Tyler Elliott February 03, 2013 at 07:16 PM
If you think of the Kelly Green era as 1978-1990 which is pretty much when the Eagles started making the playoffs until the end of Buddy Ryan, then those jerseys bring back good memories. But they also wore Kelly Green betw 1961-1977, a 16 year period of true awfulness. So that color represents both good and bad times as a fan.
Barbara A. Dixon February 03, 2013 at 10:40 PM
Why go back to an older look occasionally maybe but not every game. This just seems like away to get back at the ex wife since she was apart of the change.


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