Street Names Come to Campus

The Abington School District will place signage on the roads within the junior and senior high campuses.

If you’ve ever walked along the road that connects the junior high campus to the senior high campus … and wondered what to call it, the school board has a surprise for you.

It’s now “Campus Drive.”

Abington School District Facilities Supervisor Stephen Saile said in a presentation Tuesday night that the district will be naming and placing street signs at the intersections of the roads within the senior high school and junior high school campuses.

Superintendent Amy Sichel said the idea for having street names on campus was created as part of an emergency response plan between the school district and the police department. The signs will make it easier for emergency responders to find specific roads on campus.

The campus will retain the already-named Ghost, Tyler and Jericho roads.

The new street names are as follows:

  • Stadium Drive, is the road closest to the stadium off of Ghost Road
  • Campus Drive is the strip that connects the junior and senior high school campuses
  • Junior High School Drive picks up from Campus Drive, outlines the baseball fields and connects with Jericho Road near the Little Theater
  • Senior High School Drive is off of Highland Avenue and outlines the front of the high school
  • Administration Drive is off of Highland Avenue and is between Senior High School Drive and Tyler Road

“With concerns about school safety, this is something we decided needed to be done, in conjunction with numbering of school doors, to help get [emergency responders] to specific locations quicker and with more accuracy,” Saile said.

Sichel said there were some creative names for the roads tossed around, but the district, and the police department, ultimately went with the common names.


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