Roslyn Elementary Puts 'Goldilocks on Trial'

The Abington School District Educational Foundation helps support a short play at the school.

Edit: The high school students involved are all seniors.


The Abington School District Educational Foundation provided a grant to Roslyn Elementary School teacher Michael Staszkiw to produce a short play at the school; the play was also a service learning project for Abington Senior High School students.

The grant covered the purchase of scripts and performance rights for the play “Goldilocks on Trial,” as well as props and materials to create the scenery. The play puts Goldilocks on trial for breaking and entering the bears’ house.

Abington Senior High School student Danielle DiLeo directed the play with help from three other high school students, Brieile Gilbert, Julianne Lowenstein and Katie Lukens, all seniors at the high school.  The actors comprised Roslyn fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade students. 

The concept was to hold auditions for Roslyn students, lead rehearsals, coordinate the set and stage crew, mentor the young actors, and present two final performances – one during the school day for students and teachers and one in the evening for the school community.

The Abington Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization comprising community volunteers that develop and provide grants for programs that benefit the students of Abington School District. 


Information courtesy of Byron Goldstein/Abington School District


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