Meadowbrook Students Visit Holy Redeemer Village

The school and the residents of Holy Redeemer Village have forged a unique relationship.

On Feb. 20, third-grade and kindergarten students from The Meadowbrook School visited the senior citizens of Holy Redeemer Village where they held a talent show.

The third grade curriculum at The Meadowbrook School includes a year-long unit on developing an understanding of, and a respect for older Americans.

Over the years, Meadowbrook has forged a unique relationship with Holy Redeemer Village.

The Understanding Aging Unit for the third graders begins with a visit from a social worker at Holy Redeemer Village. The children participate in hands-on activities, which allow them to experience how physical constraints faced by older adults may feel. The third graders wear glasses coated with Vaseline, use walkers, listen with cotton balls placed over their ears, walk with corn kernels in their shoes, and taste watered down apple juice.

Third-grade teacher and curriculum developer for the program Kelly Mosteller said, “For the past ten years, Meadowbrook’s program on Understanding Aging has strengthened our students’ awareness, empathy, and overall respect for our older generation. There are several visits over the course of a year, held both at The Meadowbrook School and at Holy Redeemer Village. The children love it, and so do the senior citizens of Holy Redeemer Village.”

The children’s other visits to Holy Redeemer Village include: a tour of Holy Redeemer’s facilities, decorating pumpkins in October, art and quilt making in December, and a spring picnic. In turn, Holy Redeemer Village residents visit The Meadowbrook School for the students’ winter musical and their spring performance.


Courtesy of Megan Brogan/The Meadowbrook School

Dana Werner February 23, 2013 at 09:56 PM
As a former third grade teacher at The Meadowbrook School, I was able to see the positive affect that this program had on both our third graders and the older adults. It was an enriching program for everyone involved, and I am so glad that it is still going strong! -Dana Werner
Barbara Kroberger February 25, 2013 at 03:51 PM
Dana - how nice to see you here! You were always such a positive supporter of our little project! I, too, am so happy to see it still going strong! Barbara Kroberger


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