The Scientists at Meadowbrook School Show Off — Nobody Said it was Easy

The Meadowbrook School holds its science fair

The Meadowbrook School held its science fair March 5.  About 120 students presented their findings to their teachers and parents. 

The school's science fair combined natural curiosity, problem solving, field experiment, and the scientific method to create models, experiments or naturalistic observations. Students, teachers and parents were entertained as they learned about differences between frogs and toads, which salt melts ice the best and what batteries last the longest.

This year's theme was "Our Universe, Reach for the Stars" and it included a planetarium show, hands-on science activities and a scavenger hunt that promoted directive learning. Sixth graders focused on the scientific method; students of other grades had the option to choose from life science, earth science or physical science.

Science teacher Janice Mockaitis led the event.

"It is just absolutely amazing,” Mockaitis said. “The children and their parents are able to learn something in science and share it. It’s a big science party; everyone always loves the erupting volcanoes."


Information and photos courtesy of Danielle Helkowski/The Meadowbrook School


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