Abington Students Talk Water at U. Penn


Students from Abington High School’s H20 for Life club, along with Abington High School service learning facilitator Mary Rodgers, presented at the fifth annual Philadelphia Global Water Initiative Conference at the University of Pennsylvania earlier this month.

The students manned a booth at the conference highlighting the school’s international work including the school’s “World Tour,” which helped provide water, sanitation and hygiene education to ten schools in five years in the countries of India, Kenya, Mali, Nicaragua the Philippines, South Africa and Uganda.

According to its website, the Philadelphia Global Water Initiative is “a group of interested organizations and individuals committed to helping to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals for water/sanitation throughout the world.” For a list of PGWI collaborators, click here.

This year’s theme was "Performance Indicators for Sustainable Water.” Rodgers spoke to the group about the Human Capitol of Water Sustainability, stressing the importance of educating young people about watershed citizenship, careers in water related areas, and being responsible, global, citizens.



Information courtesy of Byron Goldstein/Abington School District


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