Abington School District: Budget Update



According to the Abington School District proposed final budget, the 2012-13 budget is up 4.55 percent over last year, bringing the total to $133.47 million. However, Abington School District Business Administrator Chris Lionetti said in an interview last month that the board is not proposing a tax increase for the 2012-13 budget; he added that it didn’t increase taxes last year either.

The current millage rate is 27.80, meaning a house assessed at $141,000, would pay $3,920 annually.

In the last five years, tax increases have been under 2 percent. 

Last year, the school board used $5.58 million in allocated fund balance to close the gap on the 2011-12 budget; there is $10.27 million in allocated fund balance in the 2012-13 proposed final budget.

Mandated benefits in the proposed final budget are up about 24 percent, or about $3.18 million, to $16.52 million; salaries are up just 2.58 percent, or up $1.89 million, to $75.23 million.



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