Abington School District Announces Commencement Date

Mark your calendars … as the date’s different from the one the school district calendar.

The 2013 Abington Senior High School graduation ceremony. Credit: Mischa Arnosky
The 2013 Abington Senior High School graduation ceremony. Credit: Mischa Arnosky

Abington Senior High School Principal Angelo Berrios, in a letter sent to the parents of members of the Class of 2014, said that the high school’s commencement ceremony will take place Wednesday, June 11 at 7 p.m. at Schwarzman Stadium.

The school board recently authorized the date — which differs from the date on the district’s calendar, according to the letter.

Should the weather be lousy, the ceremony will be moved to the following day, Thursday, June 12.

Each graduating senior will be given five tickets for admission into the stadium for graduation. Berrios said in the letter that he urges families who do not need five tickets to either give them to other families, or to return the tickets to his office; he added that parents may write to his office to request more tickets and that there will be “standing room” for the ceremony on the hill above the stadium.

“This has been a good year at Abington Senior High School, and we have enjoyed our work with the members of the Class of 2014,” Berrios said in the letter. “I know that every faculty member joins me in thanking our parent community for supporting our work with the young people in our school. We look forward to all of the culminating activities associated with the senior year of high school …”


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