Values, Vision Topics of First Lady's Speech in Montco [PHOTOS]

The values and the vision for this country are reasons why President Obama is running for second term.

More than 1,500 people were fired up on Thursday to see First Lady Michelle Obama at the Upper Dublin High School gymnasium.

Dan Siegel, the Montgomery County regional field director for Obama's re-election campaign, told the audience that in 2009, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. He said they were lucky to have full health insurance to cover to costs of her medical expenses. However, he added that the Affordable Care Act, passed by President Obama, means his mother's illness will never be considered a pre-existing condition and cannot be grounds for denial of health coverage.

Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro said he and his wife spent time at the White House and were surprised by how much the President and First Lady are like “one of us.”

“The First Lady gets it – the real challenges of our families," Shapiro said. “They have done so much for us."

“The president and the First Lady aren’t done working for you,” Shapiro continued. “I’m working as hard as I can to make it eight [years]... It’s up to us and up to you to make the difference."

Julie Haywood, a local resident, welcomed the First Lady to Upper Dublin High School. Haywood said after helping on the 2008 campaign, she felt compelled to get more involved in her community, so she ran for school board in Cheltenham, where she lives.

“I stand with Obama because he stands with working mothers like me,” said Haywood.

She said she believes "Our economy should work for everyone," and with that, she introduced First Lady Michelle Obama.

Obama began by thanking those volunteers who have helped move the campaign forward. She said that during the last campaign, grassroots campaigning was what won the election, and she told the crowd that “we’re going to do it again."

Obama said her husband is running for a second term “because of our values…the values we believe in…[and] the vision for this country that we believe in.”

The First Lady also said her husband “knows what it means when your family struggles,” because both Obama and her husband grew up in middle class families. She added that the stories that her husband has heard along the campaign trail and during the last three and a half years have kept him going.

“He stood up for our most fundamental rights again and again and again,” said Obama. “All of that’s at stake and so much more... The chance to finish what we’ve started."

As the speech drew to a close, the First Lady drove home that elections are about the world we want to leave for our children.

“We can’t turn back now, we’ve come so far.”

Editor's note: Special thanks to Patch user for adding his fantastic photos to our gallery! If you have your own photos from the event, feel free to add them as well!

StGabes August 13, 2012 at 12:17 PM
I have given plenty of truth now if you want to be intelligent enough to use that material and do a lil research before you vote stupidly again is up to you....
Hale August 13, 2012 at 04:36 PM
"....It is all about the economy and jobs...." Bingo. This clown radical surrounds himself with other amateurs, radicals, and "academics" who never held a real job in their lives, and they're making decisions on the economy? Unemployment went through the roof after this clown started implementing his European-socialist wealth redistribution policies. They tanked the housing market and people lost their homes - the single biggest investment anyone ever makes. He doesn't deserve a second term. We hire a manager to manage the country, the economy, and the security of the country. He's in way over his head, and he needs to be fired, downsized, laid-off, or whatever euphemism is in use today. And if it's NOT just incompetence, then what else is it? Deliberate? One wonders.
GREG L August 13, 2012 at 05:10 PM
One can legitimately criticize a number of the things the administration has done, but being Marxist is not one of them. If you accused him of being a fascist, that might ring truer and he would be the most recent example of a bi-partisan long line of them. Generally, I find mere name calling---on either side----is the greatest problem we have in the country as it presents a barrier to seeing things as they are. The so called political divide is a funded diversion to keep folks from seeing the real deal. Outside of window dressing, there's little difference between the parties.
truthsayer August 13, 2012 at 05:23 PM
While everyone argues over whether President Obama is a socialist, or if Mitt Romney is a hand puppet for corporate America, or whether Michelle Obama goes on more vacations than Laura Bush...do any of you ever stop to think that these arguments are moot? We should be discussing what the landscape will look like when the United States of America is dismantled, just as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was taken apart. In case you haven't realized it, America is a failed experiment, and it has already died. The America that conservatives speak of has been gone for decades. The America that liberals speak of has proven to be unsustainable, as witnessed by the USSR, Greece, Italy, England, and our own history over the past 50+ years. Look at the facts... we cannot win military campaigns anymore, we cannot create or sustain our own economy, we can't maintain our own infrastructure, and we can't properly educate our children. What "hope" would anyone have for a nation that can't do anything to help itself? The true "vision" of America is one where, in the future, many countries will occupy the land that was once the US of A. You should be packing your "values" in preparation of moving to the emerging country that best represents your beliefs. The question we should be asking ourselves is, how do we get there? Peacefully? or by way of war, as these things have been accomplished throughout history?
GREG L August 13, 2012 at 05:43 PM
And this is the real issue. The partisan divide is a fiction created to divert attention from this issue. The economy of state of California is something like 20% of US GDP IIRCC and it's having all sorts of issues along with other states. Its problem is the same as many other states and the government--debt. Do you really think the US can remain economically viable if CA or NY goes down the tubes? Can Europe survive without Spain? Why did the USSR breakup? In the latter case, the empire could not be sustained and they simply met the scrap heap if history before we did. Our problems can not be summed up as merely a liberal vs conservative philosophy because for all practical purposes there's no difference. The leadership has failed us, because we as people have failed by not paying attention. There's way too much talk about socialism and tax returns and none about the real issues the nation faces, but that's by design. The partisan battles have been created to prevent that very discussion. It's a little like a WWF match with the combatants and the referees laughing it up and counting the money after the show.


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