Trick or Treat Moved to Halloween

Upper Macungie Supervisors move away from the traditional date when elementary school students celebrate the holiday.

Trick or Treat will actually be celebrated on Oct. 31 after a resolution passed last Thursday night by .

The original date for the township's Trick or Treat night was Oct. 26, a Friday, which was meant to coincide with the school district's elementary school celebration.

"Traditionally, we tried Halloween, but we got too much flak," said supervisor Kathy Rader. "The parents wanted to dress the kids up for the school celebration, bring them home for dinner and take them out for Trick or Treat.

Supervisors thought Oct. 26 was too early for Halloween and Sam Ashmar made the motion to move the date back to Oct. 31 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Momatude September 14, 2012 at 02:10 AM
If it ends at 8 why are you kids up until 10? Let's move Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter - all the holidays for your convenience. Honestly, of all the things happening in the world celebrating a holiday on the holiday seems pretty trivial and complaints that you're inconvenienced are kinda pickyune.What about the poor middle school kids who miss Halloween every year because they have games, football, cheering, band, etc. Don't you care about THEM? Oh, they'll get a chance to join in the fun...but who are they when YOUR happiness & convenience is in jeopardy. Your inability to get you kids to bed for two hours after the 8pm end time of treating is much more important. How DO the rest of the adults in the country endure the hardship of Halloween on a weeknight?
Brunell September 14, 2012 at 03:03 AM
Philip, the supervisors did not just make this change with flagrant disregard to all of us. There we several members in the audience that asked for this change. What I find most disturbing about this blog is that all of these people making comments regarding trick or treat nite when we all should be attending the meetings to voice our opinion regarding ALL of he decisions being voted on that have so much more impact to us, our tax dollars and how they are spent, and the wellbeing of our community. I too, don't feel like leaving my family on the first Thursday of each month to attend but at least when I voice my opinion I am voicing it to my elected officials. I encourage everyone else to do the same!
Julie Choma September 14, 2012 at 03:05 AM
Lauren you may not have kids but you couldn't have said it better even if you did. The parents who are complaining about being inconvenienced, or think you can't possibly understand because you don't have kids are simply just whiners. I have 3 children and know that all of them will have their homework and dinner done before trick or treating. They will come home and be in bed at a reasonable time and wake up the next day for school with no problems. If your kids want to have a sleep over or you want to party with your friends, no one is stopping you from doing it on Oct 26th. For years my kids haven't been able to trick or treat on Halloween. October 31st has been just another day. This is not the way it should be, just because it's not convenient.
Latrisha Oswald September 14, 2012 at 04:14 AM
@ Brunell, I agree with all of your points about attending the meetings. I have tried to stay involved as much as possible in our school and community even though I cannot be present as much as I could be in the past and appreciate people like yourself that are regulars at these meetings. And yes, there are countless other more important topics to concern ourselves with. However, this trick-or-treat topic is obviously something a lot of people feel strongly about and past Morning Call articles demonstrate it was just as heated when townships in the school district tried to change it before. Another person commented about emailing the township and I have received prompt responses from our officials in the past using email communication. Regardless of whether Upper Macungie keeps trick-or-treat on Halloween or returns to the local tradition of Friday nights, I would suggest that all of the townships in the Parkland School District reach a consenus on which night to hold the event. Many of the sports, clubs, activities, etc., that children in the area participate in involve residents from several different townships in the school district. When each township designates a different night, evidently there will be children who miss out.
CT October 29, 2012 at 11:12 PM
Totally agree with you. As a kid, our Halloween parade at school was on Halloween itself, the teachers gave little to no homework and we went trick or treating that night. Sports practices were either over or cut short, lessons were skipped if we had them because, hey, trick or testing is only once a year. If you don't over schedule our kids so much, this wouldn't be such a problem for people. And if our kid has homework, I'm sure they can get it done between 4-6pm. I feel bad for the kids because Friday nights mean a lot of people aren't home because they're going out for their weekend plans. I know we weren't home to hand out candy but hey, you all saved me a ton of money on candy because I didn't buy any once I saw it was moved back to Friday. Maybe we should all vote to move Christmas, New Years and Thanksgiving to Saturdays every year so we don't have to miss work any more. How would that work for everyone who can't fit them into their 'schedules'?


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