Route 202 Parkway to Open in December

The $200 million Parkway will provide a direct route between Doylestown and Montgomeryville

After decades of discussion and years of planning and construction, the Route 202 Parkway will open in early December, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation said Thursday.

The $200 million U.S. Route 202 Parkway will connect Doylestown and Montgomeryville.

“We are eager to finish the remaining work along the nearly nine-mile-long Parkway so we can open the new roadway and its shared-use path to commuters, bicyclists and pedestrians,” PennDOT District Executive Lester C. Toaso said in a statement. “The Parkway is nearly completed but contractors will work the next few weeks to wrap up a number of project-related tasks.”

Items still left to finish include extensive landscaping; more than 10,000 trees, shrubs and perennials will be planted along the corridor between Oct. 15 and Nov. 30.  Crews also still need to paint traffic lines, install highway signs, and install other miscellaneous highway related items. 

Crews also must finish the installation of Intelligent Transportation System equipment (highway cameras, variable message signs, travel time readers, traffic monitors that automatically adjust traffic signals to enhance traffic flow); convert drainage basins for storm water control; finish the intersection of County Line Road and the Parkway; and complete work along the widened stretch of Route 202 (DeKalb Pike) between Route 63 (Welsh Road) and Hancock Road.  

When opened later this year, the new 8.4-mile-long Parkway will give motorists a direct route for travel along Route 202 between Route 63 (Welsh Road) and Route 611 in Montgomery, Warrington and Doylestown townships.

The speed limit on the parkway will be 40 mph speed limit.

The state-funded Parkway features four 11-foot-wide travel lanes, two in each direction, between Route 63 and Route 463 in Montgomery County, and two 11-foot-wide travel lanes, one in each direction, from north of Route 463 to its connection with Route 611 near Doylestown in Bucks County.

There are 10 signalized intersections along the corridor at Route 202 (DeKalb Pike); Route 63 (Welsh Road); Knapp Road; connector ramp to Route 309; Costco Drive; Route 463 (Horsham Road); County Line Road; Route 152 (Limekiln Pike); Bristol Road; and Lower State Road.

Accompanying the parkway is a 12-foot-wide, shared-use path and 19 access points to the path. Five trailhead parking areas were built along the Parkway at Knapp Road, Route 309, Stump Road near County Line Road intersection, Bristol Road and New Britain Road.

The parkway also features extensive landscaping, and decorative patterns and stained concrete on all roadway barriers, culverts, retaining walls and bridge surfaces to simulate a traditional, stone appearance, PennDOT said. It also includes 14,300 linear feet of landscaped earth berms; landscaped median islands; and riparian buffer plantings along wetlands and waterways.

For more information on the Route 202 Parkway visit www.us202-700.com.

Steven Long October 11, 2012 at 09:07 PM
It looks like the guard rails are rusted! I was not aware we were already behind schedule. Why in the world would a road be built with one lane in each direction in Bucks County? This reminds me of the Blue Route in Chester / Delaware County ... they did not want to impact upon the environment ... and now ... the traffic is backlogged on a regular basis ... causing vehicles to sit, idling. So now we have a roadway with intersections, traffic lights, and a LOWER speed limit that many other surface roads. Do we REALLY expect there to be less congestion? This is the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars, since Fast Eddie stole the ByPass money from PennDOT, to give to SEPTA drivers. Will wonders never cease!
patchifier October 11, 2012 at 11:37 PM
Just think, in another 5 years they can spend another $200M to widen the road and put in interchanges. This is really one of the more idiotic projects I've seen PennDOT take on. Why bother only half finishing it? For a year or maybe two there'll be some benefit, while traffic evens out between this road and the old 202, but it won't last - not the way this area's growing. Not to mention the bottleneck we can all expect between 63 and Sumneytown, as two 202's merge together into only 1 lane of traffic - that'll be fun.


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