Is Your Street on Abington's List to be Paved?

See which streets are on the preliminary proposal to be paved in Abington next year.


The Abington Public Works Department will be paving several roads as part of its proposed 2013 capital program. According to preliminary budget figures, the cost to pave these roads – about 3.6 miles – is a shade under $378,000.

Who determines which roads are de-potholed? 

Abington Public Works Director Ed Micciolo said during last night's budget workshop that every road in the township is assessed and evaluated each year by himself and his crew. The worst roads are narrowed down to what the budget allows; he added that his department tries to pave roads in clusters to get the best "bang for the buck."

Board of Commissioners President Carol DiJoseph said jokingly that the board could spend all night arguing which roads are in most need of paving.

Below is a table listing which roads are slated to get slating.

Road Where to Where Length Last Time Paved Material Labor Total Cost Kenmore Avenue Abington to Highland avenues 0.39 miles n/a $37,700 $2,800 $40,500 Woodlawn Avenue Abington Avenue to dead end 0.28 miles n/a $27,300 $2,000 $29,300 Edgley Avenue Mt. Carmel Avenue to Jenkintown Road 0.44 miles 1998 $41,900 $3,100 $45,000 Glenwood Avenue Edgley Avenue to dead end 0.08 miles 1998 $7,300 $500 $7,800 Woodlyn Avenue Mt. Carmel to Menlo avenues 0.06 miles 1998 $5,900 $400 $6,300 Meetinghouse Road Susquehanna to Township Line soad 1.84 miles 1998 $190,100 $14,200 $204,300 Kingsley Road Crosswicks to Meetinghouse roads 0.18 miles n/a $11,100 $800 $11,900 Devon Road Crosswicks to Meetinghouse roads 0.17 miles n/a $12,400 $900 $13,300 Rosemore Avenue Cliveden to Tyson avenues 0.13 miles 2001 $12,100 $900 $13,00 Fairhill Avenue Cliveden to Roslyn avenues 0.06 miles 1999 $6,000 $400 $1,000



Jean Gibbs November 16, 2012 at 01:40 PM
we were supposed to be paved a couple of years ago...
chris November 16, 2012 at 03:12 PM
Has anyone besides me noticed shortly after any road is paved in abington, its only dug up months later.
Jean Gibbs November 16, 2012 at 04:31 PM
1/2 of our street is Upper Moreland (paved) the other 1/2 Abington (Huntungdon Valley) up to Edge Hill (lots of patches), Edge Hill is a mess including accumulation of leaves and water
tiredofbsIsee November 16, 2012 at 11:48 PM
are you kidding me... SUSQUEHANNA ROAD!!!!!! susquehanna is constantly busy with tons of traffic and is horrible!!! my car is bumpy the entire time on susquehanna.. any person i bring into abington is shocked at how bad the roads are on susquehanna and always say they're shocked a township as wealthy as abington is, can't fix one of, if not THE, busiest road in abington!!! FIX SUSQUEHANNA ROAD!!!!
waldo von erich November 18, 2012 at 07:34 PM
when aqua replaced the water line in our street they did a better job of paving the area they dug up and repaired , when the township repaved our street a year later , they should have left our street alone ,it was in better condition before they did the repaving job. SUSQUEHANNA ROAD if iam not mistaken is a state road and why is it the township wont go after penn dot to make the necessary repairs?


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