Castor: I Want 'Pragmatism' and 'Practicality' for Pa.

Castor said he began considering a run for governor after the fall elections. He says his campaign against Corbett would not be a 'grudge match.'

Bruce Castor, the minority Republican member of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, started "sticking his toe" in the waters of the 2014 race for Pennsylvania governor after the fall elections.

"Now," Castor said in a video interview with Pennsylvania Cable Network, "it's more up to the ankles."

Castor said he saw the defeat of a slate of candidates who he said were largely selected by Corbett as a referendum on the Governor's platform.

"The Governor has expended his political capital, but not on the things that we care about or the things that he campaigned on," Castor said, citing pension reform, property tax reform, and right-to-work legislation as examples.

Castor said the national economic recovery has proceeded "three times faster" than Pennsylvania's while Corbett has been in office.

Castor was undeterred by recent poll results that showed only 11 percent of Republican voters backing him in a primary contest with Corbett. He noted that he's been out of the statewide political picture for several years and described himself as "a relative unknown."

More important, Castor said, are the results of a second poll which showed that only 45 percent of Republican primary voters back Corbett for re-election in 2014. 54 percent of voters in that poll either said they were unsure of backing Corbett or that they would prefer another candidate.

Castor believes he could be that candidate.

"I would be a credible alternative if the trend [of Corbett's sliding approval rating] continues," Castor said.

Castor left open the possibility that he might withdraw from consideration if the Corbett administration experiences a turnaround during the second half of its term.

"I'm not going to run just to make a splash. I want Pennsylvania to go down the right path," Castor said.

"I want Pennsylvania to be a conservative state, but with pragmatism and practicality. I don't see those things happening, but I'm watching."

Castor, who was defeated by Corbett in primary phase of the 2004 race for state attorney general, said his misgivings about Corbett aren't personal.

"People want to cast this as a 'grudge match' between us ... I don't dislike Governor Corbett," Castor said. "I voted for him. I raised money for him."

The full 28-minute interview with Bruce Castor is available at PCN. 

Jack Minster April 23, 2013 at 01:46 PM
RINO = Republican In Name Only. I hold RINOs in the lowest regard, somewhere down with ponzi schemers, Jihadists, and thieves. Commissioner Matthews was a solid RINO and consequently asked for Montgomery County Republican Committee endorsement in 2011 and did not receive it. During his first four years as Commissioner, Bruce Castor cast more NO votes against unnecessary spending proposals by Hoeffel-Matthews than all previous Commissioners over a 20-year period. Recently working with Shapiro-Richards, he was instrumental in passing a budget which resulted in zero tax increases and restoration of our County's bond rating back up to Aa1. This is the fiscally conservative Republican way. Fiscal discipline, putting taxpayers first, making the right decisions for the right reasons every time. Bruce Castor has proven himself a true conservative Republican. Has fought for we the taxpayers for six years running, having never once sold us out. Some posters in this thread enjoy bashing him at every chance for whatever reasons however, to label him a RINO is dramatically incorrect as the inviolable record, not to be disputed, clearly proves. Bash away, but tell the truth.
Philip Abromats April 23, 2013 at 01:50 PM
You're not Judge Lewis, are you? I have never met Bruce and hail from the opposite end of the state, so I have no opinion on the matters you have brought up. Perhaps (figuratively speaking) the devil you know is better than the one you don't. What I do know is this: Corbett doesn't know how to structure an effective administration. In an organization akin to the Nixon White House, his time and calendar appears to controlled by a very small inner circle. Indeed, one prominent former official told me that inner circle is so small it's not even clear if Corbett himself is a member of it. As a result, my Secretary could not even get a one-on-one meeting with the governor for almost two years. If people like Todd Shimash are going to be the de facto governor in lieu of Corbett, I think the people of Pa. deserve to know that. Nor does this governor (or should I say, his staff?) treat his own people right. It's hard to find a more loyal Republican than me, and I left my law practice to serve in the Administration. Yet, the administration throws me under the bus and then kicks me upstairs because an entitlement-minded person parks illegally in my space (one of many that summer) and then gets mad at ME when I call her down for it? Nor does it go to bat for Health Secretary Avila when he points out an obvious food-safety violation. An administration led by the nose according to what Jan Murphy decides to put in the Hbg. paper is a feckless and cowardly one.
Big John April 23, 2013 at 03:11 PM
Phillip how ironic is it that you are complaining about entitlement minded people parking in your space... Why are you ENTITLED a parking space.
Philip Abromats April 23, 2013 at 03:37 PM
Big John, that's a fair comment. I didn't take the job for a parking space. I would have been just as happy across the street in the state garage along with everybody else. In fact, I moved there VOLUNTARILY the day the incident happened. But there were a few ground spaces in front of the building assigned to Health and DPW executives, and I was assigned one. My job required a lot of travel, as we had around 100 County Assistance Offices (some counties had more than one). I took what they gave me. All those spaces were reserved for the single individual they had been assigned to, and there were no spaces at all for the public, even though the Vital Records office was in our building at that time. Unfortunately, lots of people thought there was a "five-minute birth certificate exception" to RESERVED PARKING ONLY. After about the tenth person had taken my space in three months, I got angry and called somebody down in a way I shouldn't have. But you need to understand I was not a 9 to 5 bureaucrat. I was in early in the morning and ofter worked until 8 or 9 at night, as essentially the number three person in all of DPW. Any space I got was for the benefit of the Commonwealth, so I could do my job more efficiently. And my calendar was packed all day long. What was I supposed to do? Park illegally in someone else's space? Miss key meetings waiting for the illegal parker to return? There was no other place I could legally park for at least 1/4 mile.
Simon Buckingham Is Not The Truth April 23, 2013 at 05:02 PM
There's a common saying that many have used to point out why the right wing tends to outmaneuver and defeat the left wing-Leftists look for traitors, while conservatives look for converts. All this talk of RINO's gives me the impression that elements within the right wing of the US is looking for traitors more than converts at the current moment.


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