UPDATE: All Five Democrats on Abington School Board Ticket Win

Updated with figures

All five Democrats on the ticket for Abington School Board won, according to Abington Rockledge Democratic Committee Chairman Michael Barbiero.

Incumbent Abington School Board members Andrea Trainer, Michele Tinsman, Jeannette Maitin and Susan Arnhold, along with newcomer Daniel Kaye defeated the five Republican candidates: John Ambrose, Stephen Specht, David Good, Virginia Capitolo and Bryant Geating.

The closest Republican candidate was Stephen Specht; he received 5,699 votes.

Candidate John Ambrose was overheard saying earlier in the evening that the Democrats were beating him by a 2-1 margin.


According to the County website, the unofficial results are as follows:

  • Andrea Trainer (D), 9,196 votes; 12.63 percent
  • Michele Tinsman (D), 9,073 votes; 12.46 percent
  • Susan Arnhold (D), 9,047 votes; 12.42 percent
  • Jeannette Maitin (D), 8,984 votes; 12.34 percent
  • Daniel Kaye (D), 8,853 votes; 12.16 percent



  • Stephen Specht (R), 5,699 votes; 7.82 percent
  • John Ambrose (R), 5,611 votes; 7.7 percent
  • David Good (R), 5,483 votes; 7.53 percent
  • Virginia Capitolo (R), 5,480 votes; 7.52 percent
  • Bryant Geating (R), 5,405 votes; 7.42 percent




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