Philly Man Sentenced for Abington Home Invasion

Anibal Pastor, 18, of the 12000 block of Rambler Road, Philadelphia gets state time for his role in an August 2011 home invasion on McFadden Drive in Abington.


Montgomery County Judge William Carpenter sentenced Pastor to 5 to 10 years in state prison yesterday. According to a story in Phillyburbs.com, the sentence is the same that his co-defendant, Jeffrey Lopergolo, 20, of Philadelphia received in July. Pastor will also have to pay his have of $9,100 in restitution to the complainant.

See the Phillyburbs.com story here.

The home invasion happened in August of last year in the unit block of McFadden Drive in Abington.

According to the complainant’s testimony during Pastor’s preliminary trial in November of last year, two men entered her house through an open kitchen window and entered her second-floor bedroom. Both of the defendants were wearing bandanas around their faces and both were carrying 1-foot-long hatchets.

“The next thing I know, two young guys, young men, wearing bandanas, were in my bedroom,” the complainant said. “They said, ‘We came to get your money.’”

The victim said she was then sprayed with mace in her face and eyes four times “within touching distance.” According to the complainant, the defendants then ransacked the home, ultimately stealing jewelry, including two vintage watches, and four pistols.

The complainant went on to say that one of the defendants put her head under a pillow and then hit her in the head with an unknown object.

 “I was horrified,” the complainant said. “I was in my house and I was invaded. I didn’t know what they were going to do.” 


According to the Phillyburbs.com story, Pastor’s defense attorney, Marc Neff, said Pastor was raised by an alleged drug-addicted father who physically and emotionally abusive. 

Assistant district attorney John Walko said: “Blaming drugs and others is not accepting responsibility and accepting responsibility is the first step needed for rehabilitation.”


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