Man Sentenced After Found with 50-Plus Fraudulent Credit Cards, Report

The Florida man attempted to make a large purchase at Willow Grove Park mall in June, according to police; his co-defendant allegedly had several fraudulent cards in an Aston Martin.

Credit: Patch
Credit: Patch

One of two men arrested for possessing more than 50 fraudulent credit cards at Willow Grove Park mall was sentenced this week.

Hugo Leyva, of South West Terrace, Miami, was sentenced to four years’ probation after pleading guilty in Montgomery County Court to fraud charges, according to a story in The Intelligencer. Charges against his co-defendant, Andres Vasquez, 28, of Brook Hill Lane, Rochester, N.Y. have not yet been resolved. 

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Abington Police arrested the two out-of-state men at Willow Grove Park mall following an attempted purchase ... and found more than 50 allegedly fraudulent credit cards.

Police arrested Leyva, 41; and Vasquez, 28, following a suspicious purchase June 14 at Nordstrom Rack in Willow Grove Park mall at about 8 p.m., police said. The pair had been suspected of visiting several stores in the mall and attempting to use fake credit cards to make purchases.

According to police, the last stop for Vasquez and Leyva was Nordstrom Rack, where Leyva attempted to make a $1,500 purchase. The transaction was declined, Leyva and Vasquez left the store, and both were stopped by police a short time later. 

Leyva said he had tried to make the Nordstrom purchase with his American Express business card, which had his name on it. A call to American Express proved the card to be fraudulent. Leyva and Vasquez were then arrested.

According to police, Leyva had two wallets in his possession, which contained a total of 29 credit cards. Leyva admitted that all of the credit cards were fraudulent, and were purchased from an unnamed internet source. He also said that he attempted to use them to make purchases, police said.

Vasquez had 11 fraudulent American Express cards in his wallet, police said, and Vasquez’ car, a silver Aston Martin parked on the third-level parking garage of the mall, revealed a wallet in the trunk which contained 16 additional fraudulent cards. Vasquez admitted that the cards were fraudulent, police said.

Also in the trunk of the Aston Martin were three Macy’s bags containing four bottles of cologne and three receipts indicating that the purchase was made in Moorestown, N.J., police said. The investigation revealed that Leyva used a fraudulent card to make those purchases, police said. Police also found a magnetic credit card reader in a black bag in the trunk of the Aston Martin.


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