Macy's Employee Steals Cash, Merchandise Police Say

A Macy's employee was arrested after she allegedly stole about $2K in cash and merchandise.

Credit: Abington Police
Credit: Abington Police
Abington Police arrested a Philadelphia woman late last month after they say she stole more than $1,300 in cash and about $700 in merchandise. 

Katiya Danielle Mountcastle, 23, of Spencer Street, was arrested Nov. 18 shortly after 4 p.m. at Macy's in Willow Grove Park mall after police said she gave a written statement admitting to stealing from the store, her employer. 

According to police, a Macy's loss prevention officer said he saw Mountcastle remove seven $20 bills from a cash register and put them in her jacket pocket. Following an interview, police said Mountcastle then admitted to stealing $1,380 from the cash registers since Nov. 1 by doing an "inquiry."

She also admitted to stealing just under $700 in merchandise by putting it in a Macy's bag and by walking out through the children's section, police said.  


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