VIDEO: Coroner Releases Bevilacqua Autopsy Findings

Montgomery County Coroner Walter Hofman said Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua died of natural causes.

Montgomery County Coroner Walter Hofman addressed the media in a press conference at Montgomery County Human Services Center today to reveal his findings in the Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua autopsy.

According to Hoffman, Bevilacqua's official cause of death was arterial sclerotic cardiovascular disease and contributing carcinoma of the prostate, or prostat cancer. The manner of death was declared as natural causes.

Hoffman said there was no injury to the body and no indication of any strangulation or choking and the prescribed medications found in the cardinal's body were all within generally accepted levels.

After walking reporters through the , Hofman took questions about Cardinal Bevilacqua's reported dementia and the time and manner in which he passed.

According to Hofman, there was no relationship between the judge's competency ruling and the death of former cardinal.

See our video for Hofman's results and his answers to reporters questions.


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