Bagged for Using Fake 100s at Bloomies

Police: A Queens woman, working with an unidentified woman, buys more than $1,300 in merchandise at Willow Grove Park mall with fake money.


Abington Police arrested Yuli Erazo, 18, of 80th Street, Queens, N.Y., after she allegedly purchased $1,369 in merchandise from Bloomingdale’s in Willow Grove Park mall with counterfeit $100 bills. Erazo was taken into custody without incident after she left through the parking lot exit of the store; she was charged with forgery and theft. 

According to police, a Bloomingdale’s loss prevention officer saw Erazo make four separate transactions using the counterfeit money. In addition to purchasing more than $1,360 worth of stuff, Erazo also netted about $130 in “real money” as a result of the transactions.

Erazo was allegedly working with another woman, who may have been her friend. The friend made three separate transactions, buying about $930 worth of merchandise with 11 counterfeit $100 bills; the friend also netted more than $160 in “change.”

The investigation continues on the unidentified woman.

Erazo is out on bond; formal arraignment is Jan. 30.


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