Abington Police Reports

Let's keep that weed off the seats, people.


Possession of a small amount of marijuana … Rhona Stewart, 53, of Susquehanna Road, Abington, was arrested May 19 at 4:45 p.m. following a traffic stop for having expired registration due to insurance cancellation near the corner of Limekiln Pike and Ruscombe Avenue, police said. Following a search, police found a clear bag of confirmed marijuana.

Possession of a controlled substance and careless driving … Nicholas Rossini, 26, of Polo Circle, Bryn Mawr, was arrested May 10 at 10:12 p.m. following a traffic stop after he crossed the center line on Jenkintown Road while traveling eastbound near Keswick Avenue, police said. According to police, Rossini was “very nervous” and told different stories as to where he was going.

He said he was looking for his father who was “somewhere in Abington.”

There was a Rite Aid prescription bottle, without its label, on the passenger seat in plain view. The bottle contained nine red pills, later identified as Oxazepam, a depressant; and three orange pills, later identified as Buprenorphine, a narcotic.

Possession of a controlled substance and driving without a license … William Benjamin Butler, 27, of West Franklin Avenue, Willow Grove, was arrested May 2 at 2 a.m. following a traffic stop near the corner of Fitzwatertown Road and Anzac Avenue for having non-transparent stickers on his rear window, police said. According to police, Butler said he never had a license … and there was a glass jar sitting on the rear passenger seat that contained two plastic bags of confirmed marijuana. There was a total of 49.85 grams of marijuana in the vehicle. 

Possession of a controlled substance … Philip Joseph Grant, 22, of Philmont Avenue, Huntingdon Valley, was arrested March 18 at 1:25 a.m. following a traffic stop at Old Welsh Road and Ferndale Avenue for having a malfunctioning headlight, police said. According to police, Grant smelled of alcohol, had glassy and bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. On the driver’s seat, in plain view, was a glass jar containing a green substance later identified as synthetic cannabinoid. 

Possession of a controlled substance and driving with a suspended license … Brandon Carlos Gross, 21, of Heston Street, Roslyn, was arrested March 14 at 9 p.m. following a traffic stop for driving with a suspended license in the 2300 block of Heston Street, police said. According to police, there were three joints, containing confirmed marijuana, in the cup holder.  

Marc Lombardi July 01, 2012 at 04:36 PM
It's sure be a heck of a way to add money to our Township coffers. Confiscate and sell any such vehicles at auction. I see five vehicles right here that, conservatively, would have brought in at least $15,000-20,000 for the township. Assuming the criminals listed above were indeed processes correctly & found guilty in a court of law.
Victor B. Krievins July 01, 2012 at 05:40 PM
These people do serve a purpose. They keep the criminal lawyers in business. Look at the driver from NJ who was arrested for his sixthe DUI/DWI. thus far he did not hurt or kill someone but that could change the next time he is driving. Fortunately, he is now behind bars.
Victor B. Krievins July 01, 2012 at 05:55 PM
You would be shocked to see the number of DUI arrests that occur at the DUI Check points. Also included are the numerous drugs in plain site. I am still amazed by some people when I work the DUI check points. The penalties are high but some people never seem to get it. Some even continue to drive after the license suspension. I have a real desire to get these people off the road. Several years ago, my legally parked car was hit by a drunk driver with no liscense, Registration, State Inspection etc. It took me two years to finally collect all the monies he owed me. It was a real nightmare!
Paul Nolan July 02, 2012 at 03:20 PM
I am not a Saint and I have done things that I am not proud of. I am raising 4 kids and tell them to call me anytime if you are drinking. I pray they do not get behind the wheel of a car or get in a car if they or the driver WERE DRINKING. I do not understand how this day and age this happens over and over. I plead that all readers and posters tell their children the same and deal w/ the drinking the next day.
Victor B. Krievins July 02, 2012 at 04:04 PM
Mr. Nolan,well stated!


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