CNN recently reported that the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) will be doing everything it can to move Comprehensive Immigration Reform through Congress this year.

Thomas Donohue, USCC President, said,  "We're determined to make 2014 the year that immigration reform is finally enacted. The Chamber will pull out all the stops - through grassroots lobbying, … partnerships with unions, faith organizations, …  to get it done….”

The USCC will determine when our immigration laws are enacted?  Who is representing us?  We have no lobbyists, etc. to get our message out. 

Our immigration laws don’t need to be reformed; they need to be enforced. 

Arizona Sheriff, Paul Babeu, recently asked, “When does it become enough for our own elected leaders to put … our rights and our own safety first, rather than … pushing for green cards and amnesty for 11-20 million illegals?”

We have the NSA data mining on Americans to supposedly protect us from terrorists.   (Could some data have been deliberately collected on our legislators and justices, compromising their decisions?)  We are to believe that we are being protected from terrorists when our borders are wide open.

Illegal aliens openly travel around this nation. Some are now being given driver’s licenses, in-state tuition, etc.   We are told that we must bring them out of the shadows. Illegal aliens have blatantly blocked traffic, conducted sit-ins, carried their country’s flag while making demands for amnesty, etc, They are very visible. No need to bring them out of the imaginary shadows. 

When the Senate Immigration Bill was being debated, Senator Grassley offered an amendment to require illegal aliens to disclose all the names and Social Security numbers they had ever used.  Senator Schumer objected saying, “I don’t see how, when … you’ve had many different identities, … you’re going to remember them all.”  Should we legalize individuals when we have no idea who they really are or where they came from?  It would be an act of NATIONAL SUICIDE.

We need your help.  Call Congress (1-866-220-0044/1-877-762-8762).   Tell them to enforce our current Immigration Laws – no amnesty for illegal aliens.


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