Typical February Weather Ahead

After a near miss on snow this past Friday night, Monday rains will wash away what little is left on the ground, leaving a "typical" temperature pattern for mid-February for the rest of the week.

Friday's near miss storm was literally that ― we were about 50 miles away from getting several additional inches of snow in your backyard as many areas of northern New Jersey and coastal areas of central New Jersey ended up getting ten or more inches of snow. Locally, anywhere from trace amounts to six inches fell from Chester County to Bucks, with the city getting anywhere from a few tenths of an inch at the naval yards to nearly five inches in the Northeast.

Most of that snow washes away with Monday's rains moving through, some of which will be steady if not heavy for a time. We'll probably get a half to full inch of rain in the region, with the bulk of it falling in the morning. Some drizzle lingers into the afternoon.

The balance of the work week won't be bad, with temperatures generally in the 40s for highs daily and lows near or just below freezing at night. I am keeping my eyes on a potential storm system for Wednesday night into Thursday. Computer modeling varies on placement with a swath of snow and rain that develops on the northwest edge of a low that pushes off the coast near Virginia Beach. Odds are we're on the northwest fringe of this and probably end up with clouds although a slight deviation in track, at least from this vantage point, could throw some modest accumulating snow in on Wednesday night and Thursday.

After that, a cold front passes through Friday night with a sprinkle or shower, setting the stage for a return of colder air for this weekend.  Snow showers (perhaps more than that) are possible on Sunday as a disturbance hits the coast and develops into a stronger low in the Atlantic.


Tom Thunstrom is the editor and publisher of Phillyweather.net. You can also follow Phillyweather.net on twitter at @phillywx and like the site on Facebook.


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