Letter to the Editor: Mattiacci Reflects on Loss of Specter

Nick Mattiacci is the Republican candidate for State Rep. in the 153rd Legislative District.


To the editor:

Like so many, I was saddened to hear of the passing of United States Senator Arlen Specter. I humbly write this to honor him because in this day of partisan divide, a politician who stands for ideals over ideology should be celebrated.  Senator Specter will be categorized by some as a political opportunist however, I always envisioned him as a leader who had the moral courage to take a stand for his beliefs. I always enjoyed watching Senator Specter campaign because whether he speaking to senior citizens or high school seniors, Senator Specter had the uncanny ability to connect with each individual. What I respected most about Senator Specter was that he boldly held the belief that being on the right and being right were two very different things.

The loss of Senator Specter also marks the near political extinction of the political moderate. Our current political mindset has both Republicans and Democrats moving further and further away from each other and obviously we are no better for it. Having lost the voice of Arlen Specter we now only can listen to his legacy. We all must maintain his legacy by working for what he was passionate about: a stronger Israel, a stronger Pennsylvania and a stronger handshake as we reach our collective hand across the party aisle and govern by principles and not party politics.  


Nick Mattiacci

Victor B. Krievins October 15, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Nick, you hit the Nail on the Head!


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