April Fool's Weekend Weather Outlook

Yesterday was cool and today will be slightly warmer, but this weekend will yet again bring us cold and damp conditions

It is hard to believe that March is coming to an end already. The days are just flying by faster and faster.

If you have any plans for outside festivities this weekend, I would suggest bringing a coat and an umbrella because it will be cold and dreary for the majority of Saturday and Sunday.

This morning was yet again freezing with temperatures in the mid 30s. As the afternoon rolls around, partly cloudy skies will allow it to feel pleasantly comfortable with temperatures rising into the mid- to upper-50s.

Clouds will start to increase by the late afternoon rush hour as a disturbance from the west creeps in. Rain is not expected to arrive until around midnight, if not later. Temperatures will fall into the low 40s with a southeasternly wind at 5 to 10 mph.

Tomorrow, some showers will linger into late morning, then dissipating around noon. Saturday will be the coldest day of the weekend, and possibly of the entire week, by struggling to hit the 50-degree mark.

As day turns to dark, temperatures will drop into the upper 30s with partly clear skies. 

April Fool's Day will be on the better side of things, and no this is not me fooling any of you. The high temperatures will rise into the upper 50s, possibly hitting 60 in some areas. The downside will be the sky conditions. There will be some times of sun, but for the majority of the day, clouds will be dominant.

The fustrating part is that by early next week, the sun will come back from the shadows bringing temperatures way up into the upper 60s.

Any questions email the writer at mld5202@psu.edu or follow @phillyburbswx for constant weather updates on the hour.


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