Stupid Questions: 30,005 Series - Intelligence

Stupid Questions are the only ones not asked. Since the Media won't ask ones like these - I guess they are stupid by definition...

Smart guys (and gals) say Stupid Questions are the only ones not asked.  These series' of questions over time are stupid questions because they are not asked by the media at large.  Therefore, by definition, they aren't smart enough to be asked.  We all know that graduates of J-Schools (or for those unwashed and uneducated - Journalism Schools) who ask the questions in the media are the only ones able (or qualified) to form the questions for public discourse.

30005.    Does the government do things in our interest overseas?

30006.    Do we really need to know everything the government does in our name?

30007.    After watching the movie Argo (based on the true story of how some Americans escaped the Iranian Revolution in 1979 with CIA help) would Jimmy Carter have been better served politically by trumpeting the successful escape?

30008.    Would the Iranians have killed our hostages if that Democrat had gained any advantage?

30009.    Will John Goodman get an Academy Award?

30010.    Did members of the GOP negotiate with the Iranian Revolutionaries to keep the hostage issue hot for the 1980 election (after all, the Iranians did not release the hostages until Reagan was sworn in)?

30011.    Could it be considered treason to negotiate outside of State Department channels for political purposes?

30012.    How stupid are politicians as they destroy our intelligence community?

30013.    If you think Bradley Manning should be freed for his release of sensitive information, will you work to elect more people like Darrell Issa after he released cables from Benghazi?

30014.    If you are a Darrell Issa fan will you work to free Bradley Manning?

30015.    If you think that Bradley Manning is guilty of compromising this country's security, do you feel Darrell Issa should be tried for treason?

30016.    Can both Bradley Manning and Darrell Issa be so far to the extreme they circle back over one another?

30017.    At what point can you trust the government to do anything right?

30018.    Did our government rescue our folks from pirates on the high seas?

30019.    Is that form of crime down over the last 4 years?

30020.    Did our government get bin Laden (DRINK - for those of us playing a drinking game)?

30021.    Do diplomats like their negotiations made public?

30022.    Did the Benghazi attackers lay a trap for Ambassador Stevens with the bait of quiet behind the scenes negotiations?

30023.    Will the ad nauseous Intelligence Questions result in our government never again opting to negotiate quietly behind the scenes for fear of the ambassadors' lives? (And yes, I meant to say 'ad nauseous'.)

30024.    Do we perform a disservice to the bravery, memory and sacrifice of Ambassador Stevens and those who stood with him by dragging this process through the political mud?

30025.    What does releasing all the details of this event really do for United States interests in the region?

30026.    If we compromise all our assets on the ground in the Middle East - does it make people want to step up more for the United States as we 'out' our sources?

30027.    Even if the public gets all this information - what are they going to do with it?

30028.    How stupid is the media being as they destroy our intelligence community?

30029.    Does Fox News do us any favors as Americans to spend so much time asking their Intelligence Questions on this issue?

30030.    Did Steven Colbert actually wash his hands while asking his Intelligence Questions?

30031.    Can using the Socratic Method of forming statements into questions be considered journalism?

30032.    Can properly formed questions be the basis of solid analysis?

30033.    Is good opinion writing respectfully asking an audience to think your way? (As you can tell - I am betting on it.)

30034.    How can I get a gig writing for Colbert?

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Laura Freed October 26, 2012 at 02:33 PM
So funny it's obscene: Obama & his administration leaking national security secrets to the NY Times for political gain. One involved Obama's “kill lists” of terrorists targeted by drones ( I wonder if he'll get a second Nobel Peace Prize?). The other described cyberwarfare attacks against Iran. After our ambassador was brutally murdered in Benghazi, Obama spent over a week blaming a youtube video and citing an unruly mob instead of the true terrorist attack it was. Not to mention, Obama ignored the Ambassadors request for more security. Because he didn't want to "offend" Muslims. No worries, though, Obama hopped a plane to Las Vegas to fund raise less than 24 hours after the attack- instead of flying to meet with any of the families who lost sons/husbands in the terrorist attack. The President is too busy fundraising and calling in to radio shows like "Pimp With A Limp" to attend his daily security briefings. Obama and Co. gave film-makers clearance to read files in the Bin Laden murder - a move that infuriated Navy Seals and the Intelligence/Defense Community. The only thing Obama has proven he is good at - is brainwashing the mainstream media and those who don't posses an ounce of a brain. Fox News isn't ruining our National Security: An incompetent President who cares more about celebrities and blind, brain dead voters who support the publicity starved, power hungry, hypocrite in office, are the ones leaving our country vulnerable.
Joe The Nerd Ferraro October 26, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Rep Issa is the one leaking stuff all over the place... But that doesn't fit your warped world view.
Jack Minster October 26, 2012 at 03:14 PM
I adore Laura's world view and her coherent, succinct presentation of it here. If elected President, I would consider making her my Press Secretary. You can tell she didn't just copy/paste.
Joe The Nerd Ferraro October 26, 2012 at 03:21 PM
well you come from the same Gene-swamp...


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