House and Home - Making a Day at the Beach Even Better

Check out these great ideas for preserving family beach vacation memories, comfortably removing sand and more!

What could be better than a day at the beach? If you’re sitting at home or in the office, it’s hard to imagine anything more lovely than a family beach vacation.

But what if you could tune up your beach trip and make it more fun, more comfortable and more memorable?

Try these great family beach vacation ideas – and find many more – from Pinterest.com.

Footprints in the sand – Permanently capture sandy little hand- and footprints and bring home keepsake souvenirs to memorialize this trip. All you need, besides the sand, is a bucket, some plaster of Paris, water and twine or rope. Make footprints in the sand, really wiggle down in there to leave significantly deep impressions of your feet. Whip up the mixture according to the package directions and pour into the footprints. Poke one end of a length of string into the heel of each footprint, and let them set. When they’ve dried and hardened, pull them up and out using the string. Hang them on the wall at home and have a keepsake to remind you how teeny your little ones’ feet were once!

Beach-side baby pool – Keep your little one cool and entertained by setting up an inflatable baby pool for her on your next beach trip. Deflated, the pool doesn’t take up much space in the car or beach bag, and once on the beach you can let Dad or the older kids blow it up (with air, of course) and fill it with seawater. Stake a beach umbrella over the pool to keep baby out of the sun. I know some parents who have tried this and say their babies lasted happily for hours on the beach in their pools.

Super-secret sand-fighting weapon – Baby powder! Pack a bottle of this nursery staple in your beach bag, and sprinkle a little on sandy skin to help easily brush away the pesky stuff after a day at the beach. Great for removing scratch sand from tender toes and other sensitive skin.

Day-at-the-beach-in-a-jar – Capture and preserve the memory of a trip to the beach by collecting some sand, shells, beach glass and other goodies from the sea, snap a family photo and seal it all in a Mason jar. Label the jar with the location and date of your trip. This would make a really neat collection, with one jar from each family beach vacation! Make it really special by having each family member find one item to contribute.

Pack a beach lunch – Save money and be healthy by packing lunch for the beach. You won’t be tempted to splurge – financially and calorically – on pizza or boardwalk fries if you already have lunch with you on the beach. The night or morning before, make PB&J sandwiches, grab some fruit, granola bars, trail mix and pretzels, and package it all in sand and waterproof containers. Freeze a few water bottles to keep everything cold, and to drink when they defrost. Don’t forget the napkins!

Do you have any brilliant beach tips to share with other readers? Tell us in the comments below!


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