UPDATE: PECO Lines May have Caused Roslyn Fires

Abington Fire Marshal: Three Reservoir Avenue houses were affected by fires that may be related to PECO power lines.

Updated with comment from PECO:


Some Roslyn residents are without power today following fires that may have been PECO related.

Abington Fire Marshal Ken Clark said three homes in the 1500 block of Reservoir Avenue were affected. There was a fire in the attic of a house near the corner of Reservoir and Miriam avenues; and a fire at the rear of another house in the 1500 block. No one was injured in either house, however both homes were occupied.

Another house had its TV cable wires near the PECO meter melt down.

“It would appear as if there’s an issue with the PECO lines supplying power to this immediate area,” Clark said. “There’s an indication that there were some power problems but also an indication that there were [TV] cable problems.

A PECO spokeswoman said this afternoon that a secondary electrical line fell down in the area. She added that PECO crews have been on the scene since 10:30 a.m. and that the area was "de-energized" due to safety concerns.

Crews from all five Abington Fire Companies arrived on the scene at about 11 a.m. They cleared out after about an hour, leaving PECO crews to investigate what happened.   

“It’s probably going to turn out to be storm related if it’s a PECO issue,” Clark said. “Some of the wires are in a weakened state and there are still trees on wires. Bad things can happen when the system takes a serious hit like this, and the whole area did.

Clark said there was a similar situation on Grove Avenue a couple of nights after Hurricane/super-storm Sandy.


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