'Crazy' Apple Store Opening in Willow Grove

The uber-trendy purveyor of high-tech toys opens up shop in the Willow Grove Park mall.


Heading to the Gap on the second floor of the Willow Grove Park mall to buy some pants? Well, you may be disappointed to hear that you’ll have to walk to the other side of the mall — or you may elated because you're an Apple fanboy.

As promised (written on the walls in the months leading up to the opening), the Apple Store opened its doors Saturday Nov. 17. The 8,300 square-foot store features everything that you’d expect in an Apple Store — all of the products, a sterile feel and a “360-degree Genius Bar” for repairs.

An employee at the store said opening day was “crazy.”

“The line was out the door and wound throughout the mall,” the employee, who refused to give her name, said. “It was pretty crazy, but it was awesome at the same time. It was actually a lot of fun for the employees.”

There were about a dozen employees near the entrance of the store today; each was wearing a blue polo shirt and greeting customers. And there were a few customers playing with the latest products.

Another employee said Apple imported several employees from neighboring stores to help with the opening. 

In a press release, the CEO of the Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust, the owner of Willow Grove Park mall, said:

“The addition of Apple to this already dominant mall will further drive traffic and sales and allow us to enhance the merchandise mix and quality of the shopping experience at Willow Grove Park.”

For a list of other Apple Stores, hit up the Apple Store Locator here.


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