Abington-Reared Actor Gets 'Big Break'

'Parker' opens in theatres Friday.

When the action-caper film "Parker" opens in theatres across the U.S. tomorrow, it will be the "biggest break thus far" for actor Micah Hauptman, according to Philadelphia Inquirer movie columnist Steven Rea.

In the film, Hauptman, who grew up in Abington, plays a member of a criminal posse facing off against British action star Jason Statham, who plays the title role.

It's not Hauptman's first time on the big screen ― his IMDb page records a bit part in the original "Iron Man" movie and some television roles ― but he didn't get to slap Jennifer Lopez in any of those.

Hauptman told Rea the singer-actor took her on-screen smack in "Parker" with grace.

"I couldn’t believe how cool and how easygoing she was about it," Hauptman said.


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