Montco Residents Aim to Modernize Emergency Calls

Rather than going through the phone screens, dialing 911, placing the call and talking to a dispatcher, this one-touch system ensures ease of placing a call—and takes measures to increase safety in a physically threatening situation.

Smart phones have revolutionized the way we do business, socialize and live our lives. Now, a couple of Upper Pottsgrove entrepreneurs are looking to use the devices to save those very lives.

Spring-Ford High School graduate Kevin Kollar has patented the Wireless Emergency Breaker Beacon: Silent Guardian (WEBB-SG). Kollar enlisted the help of his 21-year old son Alex in developing the new application for Android devices.

“Dad gave me the idea,” said Alex. “I brought it to life.”

The Kollars’ application removes several steps from the process of calling 911 in a life-threatening emergency while eliminating the need to have to attempt to reach emergency services via text message. Rather than going through the phone screens, dialing 911, placing the call and talking to a dispatcher, this one-touch system ensures ease of placing a call—and takes measures to increase safety in a physically threatening situation.

After unlocking the phone, the user simply presses a large (bigger than the size of an adult’s thumbprint) red button of the front-page app. This simple action immediately dials emergency services, while the app increases the microphone volume and enables GPS tracking. At the same time, the speaker mutes and the phone’s screen goes dim in order to simulate the appearance of a phone powering down.

“Quite simply, this device was invented to save lives, help to solve crimes and provide a start time of medically threatening events,” said Kevin Kollar. “It gives the victim—whether they are the victim of a health emergency or a physical attack—the ability to take a proactive approach to safety.”

Alex, a graduate of Pottsgrove High, wrote the coding for the app. Keeping the development of the application in the family brings special meaning to the entire endeavor for Kevin Kollar.

“The history of family-run business is well known,” he said. “Not to mention the ease that working with my son brings to the communication process. It doesn’t have to be a 9-to-5 arrangement.”

The Kollars see the business benefits of the WEBB:SG, but are even more interested in how truly revolutionary their app can be in saving lives around the world. With the prevalence of Android devices worldwide, Kevin Kollar believes that with universal usage, the device can save literally thousands of lives each week.

“It shaves minutes off the golden hour,” he said.

Already the Kollars have looked into charitable means of getting their product out to the public. As Android devices age, the Kollars hope that people will donate their used devices to be given to people in underprivileged areas who are without the means to purchase the product. Legally, even devices that have experienced service interruption must maintain the ability to place emergency calls—ensuring that even the least fortunate citizen could benefit from WEBB:SG.

“The people of the world need to know there is still some good out there,” concluded Kevin Kollar. “I want to make a difference with this. I want to help people.”

For more information on the Wireless Emergency Breaker Beacon: Silent Guardian, visit www.webbsg.com.

jxjipper August 28, 2012 at 03:50 AM
I like the idea but I guess that means there would have to be government mandated smart phones for those most likely to need to use the app, not the 20somethings. I'm gonna guess that less than 20% of the adults over 65 have smartphones. I wonder if the smartphone requires a government mandated ID like the one needed to vote.
WEBB silent guardian August 28, 2012 at 02:58 PM
@jxjipper: As the creator of the WEBB: silent guardian APP for Android. I can tell you first hand that although the 55 and over demographics will definitely benefit from this, it was actually inspired by a 12 year girl that got raped and left for dead, her cell phone was broken at the hinge and the memory showed she tried to dial 911 but only got the 9 and 1 dialed before her attacker got hold and broke her cell rendering it disabled. She was in a coma for three days after the attack, prior to the attack she does not recall ever seeing her attacker. Till this day they have still never caught her assailant. Also this is and will be a matter of who chooses to safe guard their self with an extra layer of protection. This product will as far as I am concerned never be permitted to be mandated to force the people to use it. You are confusing two, total different issues. Besides that, we are about trying to help people in trouble and give them more rights, and not stripping away basic American rights of the people born in the United States.


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