Sports writers flock to Willow Grove

Tonight's event ideal for the sports fan in the house

More than 15 sports writers and broadcasters from around the area will stage a mass book signing tonight at 7 p.m. at the , featuring appearances by WIP's Reuben Frank and Glen Macnow, ESPN's Sal Paolantonio and Jayson Stark, Ray Didinger, Merrill Reese and many other local writers and radio personalities.

"It's great because people can come by and pick up 10 signed sports books and knock out their holiday shopping for all their sports-obsessed friends and family at the same time," said Reuben Frank, during an interview with Patch.  "It's a lot of fun, and a great chance to meet local radio and television personalities."

The extravaganza equally boasts a wide variety of selections and topics, covering all things Philadelphia sports.

"Glen Macnow has the sports movie book, Merrill Reese wrote a broadcasting textbook and we have books about Eagles history and the Phillies World Series run," said Frank.  "There's something for everyone."

Beginning at 7 p.m., customers will be able to purchase the books on site, and have them signed by their respective authors through an assembly-line styled checkout line.  Typically the extravaganza draws between 200 to 500 people, and the event isn't over until every purchase has been signed.

"We don't usually have an end time," said Frank.  "If there's a line there, we'll just keep signing."

The idea of holding a book signing en masse came up nearly six years ago, when Frank and Paolantonio realized their friend and colleague - Glen Macnow - was hosting his own signing at the same time as they were. 

Rather than competing, Frank said it made more sense from a sales and fan-experience perspective to join together and consolidate the signings.

"From that point, we just kept adding guys and adding guys," said Frank.  "It's been growing ever since."

Tonight's event will be the last opportunity for fans and shoppers to meet everyone in one place until Father's Day of 2012, though individual signing will still take place.

is located at 102 Park Ave., Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, and their phone number is 215-659-1001.


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