$63 Million Awarded in Motrin Lawsuit

Fort Washington-based McNeil-PPC Inc. and Johnson & Johnson will have to pay.

In a lawsuit that started back in 2007, a Massachusetts family will be awarded $63 million from Johnson and Johnson, and its Fort Washington-based McNeil-PPC Inc., said the Associated Press. The suit stated that the corporations should be held responsible for its prodcut, Motrin. Samantha Reckis, then age 7, suffered a life-threatening drug reaction and lost most of her skin when she took a children's pain reliever nearly a decade ago, said the AP report.

Courts determined that Samantha and her parents will actually be paid a total of $109 million, including interest, for the suffering they experienced when Samantha was diagnosed with a rare side effect known as toxic epidermal necrolysis, lost 90 percent of her skin and was blinded.

For the full Associated Press story, visit this philly.com link.


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