Holy Smokes, Batman—Today is National Comic Book Day

Whether you love Spiderman, X-Men or Batman, be sure to geek out with your favorite comics on this holiday.


To all of those who believe in Harvey Dent and Gotham City, rejoice.

Sept. 25 is National Comic Book day. This is a day for people of all ages to enjoy, since the first-ever comic book superhero made his first appearance in 1938. While some characters have new looks, and some of their storylines have changed completely, comic enthusiasts can still share their love of their favorite characters, old and new.

This geeky holiday is a great time for comic fans to honor their superhero, heroine or villain’s best stories.

Where's the best place to read or buy comic books in or around Abington? 

National Comic Book day is also a good precursor for the famous New York Comic Con. This year, it will be held during Oct. 11-14 at the Jacob Javits Center, where heroes and villains will walk the streets of Gotham.

From Batman to Archie and the gang, today celebrates everyone’s favorite comic characters.

Who is your favorite comic book character? Also, upload photos of your personal comic book collection.

Marc Lombardi September 25, 2012 at 01:03 PM
I'm a comic book fan turned comic book pro, but first and foremost I will ALWAYS be a fan. For people like me, EVERY DAY is National Comic Book Day. With all of that said, my favorite character is Superman, although it's been a long while since I've enjoyed any of his comics. There are so many wonderful comics out there right now for all age ranges and all interests: From The Walking Dead to Peter Panzerfaust. From Morning Glories to Hack/Slash. Both Wonder Woman and Batman have undergone incredible updates and their books are amazing. Daredevil is winning awards left & right thanks to Mark Waid's deft writing. Image Comics has seen a remarkable boon in talent and is arguably the leader in the creator-owned comics market. I hope comics fans new & old check out something NEW today. And it would make me even happier if those comics were from either Shadowline (www.shadowlineonline.com) or GrayHaven Comics (www.grayhavencomics.com). But I think you can't really go wrong with whatever piques your interest. Comics aren't JUST for kids anymore.


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