Library is a Treasure Trove of Savings

Take full advantage of what the library has to offer.

Many Americans have learned how to stretch their dollar and make it go further—from clipping coupons to using credit card points to pay for travel. There are still many services, though, that Abington residents may not be taking advantage of to save money.

For instance, many people have Netflix or pay to “OnDemand” a movie through their cable company. However, the Abington Library has an entire collection of DVDs that are available for rent for free for a week. Check out a series that has more than six DVDs, such as documentaries or TV shows, for two weeks.

iTunes and other programs to pay for new music are convenient, but CDs are available for free at the Abington Township Public Library. Patrons can check them out for three weeks, which is plenty of time to listen and get to know the music. This is particularly ideal for special occasions, such as holidays, where you may not want to purchase an entire collection of music, but you do want to set the mood at a party.

Although some libraries are known to have old, outdated materials, patrons can request new material or ask for an inter-library loan. That means that any new book, DVD or CD that comes out is at your fingertips if it’s available at another library in Pennsylvania. There may be a wait of up to a few weeks, especially with books that are in high demand and on waiting lists, but they are still there and up for loan for free.

Some books are best to purchase, if you know you will read them again and again or pass them on to friends. There are many books that are great to check out from the library, especially those that are quick reads or are on a subject manner that may not be captivating for years to come. Cookbooks are perfect for checking out, testing a few of the recipes and returning. Not many cookbooks are worth buying for the full price just to get one or two recipes, and having a book with the full-color pictures and descriptions by the author is nicer than cooking from an online recipe printed out or on a handheld device. Hobby books or special interest topics with projects are great for checking out and even renewing until the project is finished, and then someone else can try the same craft or handiwork.

Even nonresidents of Abington may borrow items from the library, as long as they have Access Pennsylvania cards from their home library. Students who attend school in Abington, or people who work in the township may apply for a library card that is only valid in Abington.

The library will have new hours after Labor Day. It will be open Monday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m

For more information, visit the Abington Free Library at abg.mclinc.org.


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