How Walkable is Abington?

One website has assessed the area's neighborhoods with ratings ranging from "car-dependent" to "walker's paradise."

How "walkable" is Abington? And does it matter?

Most modern regional and community planners would say it matters quite a bit.

Before the common availability of the automobile allowed Americans to start moving out to the suburbs, walking was a fact of daily life for most people. It still is, in major cities.

Out in the suburbs, though, the pattern of suburban neighborhood development has meant that trips to workplaces, schools, the neighborhood grocery store, and other places that make up our daily routines often (if not usually) require a car.

Our increasing dependence on automobiles has been blamed for increased pollution, higher rates of obesity, higher costs of living, and reduced community cohesion.

One website, Walk Score, has sought to "grade" the walkability of every neighborhood in the United States.

By Walk Score's reckoning, the Abington area is a better place to live than most American suburbs.

The central neighborhoods of Abington received a Walk Score of 68, at the upper end of the site's "Somewhat Walkable" range. Walk Score says that means "some amenities within walking distance."

The Elkins Park neighborhood scored a 75, "Very Walkable," which means "most errands can be accomplished on foot." Jenkintown was also rated "Very Walkable," but with a higher score of 88.

The area's "Walker's Paradise" rating went to Glenside, where, supposedly, "Daily errands do not require a car."

Bringing up the rear was Roslyn, which is "Car-Dependent." Its score of 40 means that "few amenities are within walking distance."

We're very interested to learn what, if anything, locals make of these ratings. Do you live in one of the higher rated neighborhoods? How often do you use your car?

CG September 27, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Apparently that web site is very outdated regarding Roslyn not being walkable. We walk and ride bikes to various places such as the library, post office, roslyn park (which has a walking trail now) crestmont pool, mall, post office, and even wawa, giant markets, the train station, and the cemetery provides connection to Pennbryn park. None of these destinations appeared on the calculator which I found to be extremely dated. Granted, sidewalks are not always continuous throughout all the nieghborhoods like they are in glenside, but Roslyn is very walkable imo.
J A Lawler September 28, 2012 at 02:04 PM
I had no trouble walking in Roslyn. Now that I'm in Rydal, it's nearly impossible, with no sidewalks, narrow, higher speed roads and steep hills.


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