Concerned Citizens, Groups Plan Community Meeting for Sunday

A group of concerned citizens and community groups are inviting residents to join them at Norristown Hose Company firehouse for a forum to better communicate concerns with elected and municipal officials.

Norristown area community leaders have been spreading the word via social media of a special community meeting planned for Sunday, Oct. 28 at 4 p.m. at the Norristown Hose Company firehouse at 627 DeKalb Street) at the corner of DeKalb and Chestnut streets.) 

Norristown residents are invited to come and voice concerns at this grassroots forum designed to "create a forum to communicate more effectively the needs of our municipality to our elected and paid officials, the ministerium and all of our 'leaders'; and to encourage residents to work together to keep our neighborhood an attractive and safe place to live," according to a Facebook post from community activist Paula Robinson.

Elected officials and municipal employees have also been made aware of the meeting and some are expected to attend. Robinson estimates there are already 200 concerned citizens already actively involved in the forum.

Community activist Buck Jones, also involved in the proposed forum, made an impassioned plea for residents to become engaged in the community effort to deal with the violence that persists in Norristown.

"Please, if you are concerned citizen, PLEASE come and voice your concerns," Jones wrote in a Facebook post. "But also bring positive and productive solutions or suggestions."

gerhard sweetman October 28, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Crime solution! Sniching & crime praise!, the backlash will work Shelter solution! No land use laws & taxes,replace with $per sq ft tax NO exceptions Space for humens! Roads for driving/walking, Parking lots Legal quagmyer! Rule of lawyers replace by rule of jury w life,lib,prosuit of happyness


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